Heart vs. Heart

The saying “Always follow your heart” is very familiar to my ears.  The statement seems to be very clear, but it is somewhat hard to understand.  It’s not very easy to follow.  


8 Truths About Life That Are Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful At The Same Time

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Margot GabelMargot Gabel

1. No matter how tight you hold on and how much you feel in control, everything could still fall apart. You could plan everything until there’s nothing left to plan and it could still all go to shit. Life is not about creating the perfect circumstances, but is merely about how you are able to persevere beyond the wreckage of a life you thought you’d have. Your most valuable skills are your flexibility, resiliency, because as you face the rubble of a life you thought you’d be able to curate, you’ll have to create a new vision and that could either be a beautiful or horrific experience depending on how you approach it.

2. You are entirely responsible for how your life turns out and how you react to what happens in your life. The most useless of all emotion is indifference. You must fight for the life…

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If You Want To Feel Happier In Life, Try Using This Checklist

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image - Flickr / M Reza Faisal image – Flickr / M Reza Faisal

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What comprises a responsibility checklist for having a good life? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

I’m not quite certain what to make of “responsibility” but here is what makes for a good life in a 3 x 3 checklist format.

3 goals to achieve happiness:
  • [ ] Stay organized. This is by far the easiest way to save time and money.
  • [ ] Have integrity. Be the better person.
  • [ ] Gain competence. Become the better professional.
  • Result: Happiness through accomplishment.

3 skills to protect happiness:

  • [ ] Forgiveness. Let go, be indifferent, be on your way. Let bygones be bygones.
  • [ ] Detachment. You will inevitably emotionally attach yourself to things that matter, but often times we overestimate what matters. Don’t emotionally invest too much into the past…

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30 Things You Should Do (At Least) Once A Year

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1. Clean your closet, and get rid of anything you haven’t worn, anything that doesn’t fit you, anything that is too worn or ripped to repair, or anything you haven’t worn in at least a year (save for your one “interview” suit or dress, etc). Other than that, start fresh.

2. Visit your hometown, even if everybody else has moved away. Visit the last town you lived in if it’s close enough or you’re going to be passing by anyway. Remember why you don’t live there anymore. Feel grateful for what you have in comparison to what you had.

3. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, whether that’s a foreign country or a part of your own country you’ve always wanted to see but never did. It can be an hour away or a three-day road trip away. Regardless, plan to just see something you’ve never seen before — just once.


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;; You have been evicted from your home, but rather than live on the street you go to Ikea. At night you hide in the bathroom until the janitor leaves. Write about your life.

As you can imagine, I have it pretty hard right now. I’m homeless obviously because I don’t have a job at the moment. Now it hasn’t always been like this. I have a degree, and after I graduated I landed a pretty good job. All was well until I got laid off, some dumb excuse about budget cuts. NO warning, NO notice, NO temp job, NO nothing. It really sucks.

So yea, now my sympathy for homeless people has seriously went up the roof. I used to look at those people asking for money, and say “Why can’t they just find a job?” But hey hey now, after college I learned that it really isn’t that easy to get a job. I mean I have a Bachelor’s and people still act as if I’m not good enough. Whew. It took me forever to actually get a job.

So…after finding out the horrific news I immediately started applying to jobs. I mean 20-35 jobs per day. My place finally put me out about 3 months of not paying the rent. So yea, I had no where to go, BUT I wasn’t living outside on the street. No way NEVER. I just couldn’t do that, I already hate bugs. But anywho, so I decided that Ikea would be the perfect spot for me. I mean why not they have everything I need in there. So everyday I would go into the bathroom and hide out, and after they closed I lay out on all of the furniture. So now I’m on the computer typing up this blog 🙂


;;What does writer’s block feel like?

:: Writer’s Block makes me feel as if my brain is empty.  As if I don’t even exist.  There are no thoughts flowing from my mind that are good enough.  I need more time.  But there is no one there to give me any assistance.  Like someone has a chunk of my brain and won’t let it breath.  The thing about writer’s block is that it seem like it will last forever.  But in reality all you need to do is give yourself a little pep talk, or stay away from the task for awhile.  You could seriously be exhausting yourself by trying to force something out of nothing. 


need to get into my pen more.


Happy July 2014 🙂


I feel as if I need to get in tune with my writing more, so I’ve decided to try this challenge which will help me to expand my mind!  Hopefully, it will also help to soothe my mind because I absolutely love writing.  


Sometimes I feel as if I have so much to say, but no time to actually speak the words.  Over the past couple of years I have learned that I communicate better with words.  Although I have mastered this craft, I would love to expand my mind when it comes to writing. Yes, I was an English major and my concentration was writing.  But I don’t feel as if my university gave me the opportunity to explore writing as I see it.  Writing for me is an escape, in college it was more so of a requirement.  Besides I’m the type of girl who hates requirements.  I decided on that particular major because I believed that I would be able to be creative with it, but they fooled me.  So now I have decided to step up to the plate myself and find ways that I can do so.  So first thing is first I have this wonderful challenge that I will write about a topic each day. 

I’ll see you in 642 days to let you know my end result 🙂

Paddling Forward

Geez, it’s been quite some time since I’ve given you my thoughts.

God has been blessing me more than I deserved!  As of now, I am working at Microsoft as a Full Time Employee.  And I was also working at a call center Part Time.  The part time recently laid everyone off, but it was temporary so I knew it was coming soon.  I’m just very grateful that God has given me a job that is very decent, and will pay the little bills that I do have as of  now.  Well my lease is up July 31, and my original plan was to move to Maryland or DC and find a job. Hmm. God has other plans for me. 

When my lease is up I will be moving back to Indianapolis, with my family.  I do not plan to be there for long, but just to help me save some money and to figure out exactly what I would like to do. 

My plans are to go back to school for my Master’s no later than January hopefully Fall!  I would like to get a M.P.A or my master’s in Higher Education.  First, I need to study for the GRE because God knows that I suck at test.  I know I will do fine. Also, I will be working while home.  I will be able to build my credit while at home as well. 

After getting accepted into the school of my choice I will be able to move there and apply for jobs in that area! I have learned that God really is in control of every area of my life. I will no longer run from it, and will let his will be done in my life.  He knows what is best and that is THAT! 

I have a plan, and things will work out just fine 🙂


God knows my heart is heavy. I feel as if I’ve stepped 15 steps back. although I’m human I should still have control over everything that I do. welp. that’s not true, I’m human and i make mistakes. I’m not perfect. and more than anything I realize that now. things happen, and you can’t continue to ponder on it.
gotta pick myself up, the pieces and get it together!!
let it go, move forward!!!


Pressure. It weighs so much.  So much that you can barely move.  It clogs your brain, and holds your heart hostage.  It’s a burden that no one wants to possess.  Ever.  Although it may seem to KILL you, it exist to make you stronger.  You will be able to call yourself a conqueror, a champ, a survivor.  The road to success is a long and lonely path.  There aren’t always people cheering you on, or patting you on the back and telling you that it will be ok. Why? People have issues of their own.  They have to look out for self…right? But what if i am putting in overtime to make sure that they are staying encouraged, and making sure that they don’t give up. Huh? Oh.  That’s my job.  No, it’s something that brings me joy, while encouraging others im also encouraging myself.

As of now, I need some encouragement.  I know the closer that you get to your blessing, more pressure will be applied.  I pray that i stay strong, “head high to the finish” see it through.  All things are possible with Jesus on my side, and I can’t fail with him walking along with me.