need to get into my pen more.


Happy July 2014 🙂


I feel as if I need to get in tune with my writing more, so I’ve decided to try this challenge which will help me to expand my mind!  Hopefully, it will also help to soothe my mind because I absolutely love writing.  


Sometimes I feel as if I have so much to say, but no time to actually speak the words.  Over the past couple of years I have learned that I communicate better with words.  Although I have mastered this craft, I would love to expand my mind when it comes to writing. Yes, I was an English major and my concentration was writing.  But I don’t feel as if my university gave me the opportunity to explore writing as I see it.  Writing for me is an escape, in college it was more so of a requirement.  Besides I’m the type of girl who hates requirements.  I decided on that particular major because I believed that I would be able to be creative with it, but they fooled me.  So now I have decided to step up to the plate myself and find ways that I can do so.  So first thing is first I have this wonderful challenge that I will write about a topic each day. 

I’ll see you in 642 days to let you know my end result 🙂


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