Paddling Forward

Geez, it’s been quite some time since I’ve given you my thoughts.

God has been blessing me more than I deserved!  As of now, I am working at Microsoft as a Full Time Employee.  And I was also working at a call center Part Time.  The part time recently laid everyone off, but it was temporary so I knew it was coming soon.  I’m just very grateful that God has given me a job that is very decent, and will pay the little bills that I do have as of  now.  Well my lease is up July 31, and my original plan was to move to Maryland or DC and find a job. Hmm. God has other plans for me. 

When my lease is up I will be moving back to Indianapolis, with my family.  I do not plan to be there for long, but just to help me save some money and to figure out exactly what I would like to do. 

My plans are to go back to school for my Master’s no later than January hopefully Fall!  I would like to get a M.P.A or my master’s in Higher Education.  First, I need to study for the GRE because God knows that I suck at test.  I know I will do fine. Also, I will be working while home.  I will be able to build my credit while at home as well. 

After getting accepted into the school of my choice I will be able to move there and apply for jobs in that area! I have learned that God really is in control of every area of my life. I will no longer run from it, and will let his will be done in my life.  He knows what is best and that is THAT! 

I have a plan, and things will work out just fine 🙂


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