Pressure. It weighs so much.  So much that you can barely move.  It clogs your brain, and holds your heart hostage.  It’s a burden that no one wants to possess.  Ever.  Although it may seem to KILL you, it exist to make you stronger.  You will be able to call yourself a conqueror, a champ, a survivor.  The road to success is a long and lonely path.  There aren’t always people cheering you on, or patting you on the back and telling you that it will be ok. Why? People have issues of their own.  They have to look out for self…right? But what if i am putting in overtime to make sure that they are staying encouraged, and making sure that they don’t give up. Huh? Oh.  That’s my job.  No, it’s something that brings me joy, while encouraging others im also encouraging myself.

As of now, I need some encouragement.  I know the closer that you get to your blessing, more pressure will be applied.  I pray that i stay strong, “head high to the finish” see it through.  All things are possible with Jesus on my side, and I can’t fail with him walking along with me.



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