Wonderful Wednesday

I’ve been a busy little body.  Just a moving to my own pace.  I need to speed it up! 

So since i didn’t receive the Teach For America position, I have been getting endless emails about other opportunities that are similar! I’ve learned that God has a plan for me, and I am ready to fully TRUST him with my entire life.  When you have been through so much, you realize that God is the only one that you need and WANT!  There is no mistake when he is involved and has the wheel.  Something that may seem as a setback, is only motivation for something better to come! 

So i haven’t been  stressing or crying. NOPE! Because I know my Life is in God’s hands and he is holding my hand every step of the way.  Also, I am learning patience and not to be so anxious!  I refuse to worry about the things that don’t seem as if they will be worked out.  This is because I TRUST HIM! I tell ya! I cannot say that enough.  The Lord is my strength!  I haven’t been feeling the absolute best lately because i feel as if I don’t have my life all planned out, but everything is working out and WILL work out for my good.  I have been faithful, and once again God will bring me Favor.  

Well, Here was a little something that has been on my mind!

Have a good day PEEPS 🙂


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