I believe that Deborah Brandt blog was phenomenal.  Her blog pointed out many things that may go unnoticed when creating a blog or even inviting people to view your blog.  I have several blogs and have been blogging for about three years, but I have never thought about how someone could get a hold of my blogs and read everything on them.  For example, I have 3 blogs two are personal and private and the other is open to the public.   Just the other day i decided to go to GOOGLE and search some of the things that I stated in my blog, and WAALAAH my blog popped right up.  And it is supposed to be marked as private.  With Brandt’s bringing to our attention of the “stories of the flight attendant, teacher, tech worker, political aide, among others, who were fired for blogging on private time in ways that put their employers in a bad light” and the story of the jury who simply mentioned her crush on the attorney of a case she was apart of.  I started to think this is pretty creepy.  This also has made me very cautious of the things that i choose to blog that can go viral on the internet.  I have decided that the things that I would like to express that may cause me harm can be written down in a journal.  Blogging is a hobby for many people because it is enjoyable and “down to earth” reading. I use my blogs to express myself.  I express myself through writing and to know that i am limited to use the source of blogging is a sad case.  When people say that blogging can be harmful, I believe that this is taking away our rights.  This topic is very upsetting to me because it is personal.  I blog everyday, sometimes two to three times a day.  I feel that blogging is better than speaking my mind to someone at time.  Blogging is my own source of therapy, but you’re telling me it’s harmful? No Way! You’re pretty much taking away my freedom of speech and punishing me for my opinion!


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