So my last post accidentally was removed because WordPress was on its period.

Well to sum up that post:

I did not get accepted into Teach For America, i did not take it as bad as i thought i would have.  I believe this is because i had such a phenomenal support system! I also posted some screenshots of the encouraging words i received.  I also realized that in order to really overcome some things you must address them!  This is exactly what i did, instead of being embarrassed about not getting the position, i told people that i did not get the position.  I stated that it was still the best interview that i ever attended!  These key things are striving through the minor setback, so that i may receive what God really has in store for me!

Although i did not receive that particular position, i have been receiving endless emails on other opportunities! So just like the champ i am, guess what i am doing?  Applying to some of those jobs as well!  It’s not over, God has a plan for my life.


As of right now, i have only 41 days till i walk across that stage!  i have some serious things to accomplish in that little amount of time! My life is about to change, and i want whatever the Lord has for me.  Not only do I state this because i have no idea of what my next step will be, but i trust God will everything i have.  I know he will not leave me behind!

Things To Do Up Until Graduation:

Get this Community Service

Apply to More Jobs (God will make a way, I have Faith!!)

Do exit Loan Survey

I got this no matter how stressful it may be!!! Thanks to God in advance!

Well that was my update on life! Talk to you soon! I promise to update more!


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