I’ve always been a firm believer of spending my time wisely. I’m the type of woman who loves your time. Forget your gifts. Give me your time. Time is extremely precious, and if you’re willing to give that to me…then I know you mean business.

Now I know every person may have a hobby or something they love to do, but if you have a companion…balance. There needs to be a balance, a common place, something where the other person is not feeling as if they are forgotten.

Welp, many will say well “maybe you should find something you love to do?” True, but what if they LOVE talking to you…what if they just wanna have a decent conversation that will help to stimulate their mind.

Sometimes all a woman wants is your time! Stimulate her mind, instead of trying to get the behind!

So, what are you doing with your time? Are you giving your companion enough of your time? Or do they feel unappreciated or forgotten?

*remember if your companion isn’t getting what they need from you…they may go searching for what they need or it may find them!

Just a little late night thinking 😘


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