So my last post accidentally was removed because WordPress was on its period.

Well to sum up that post:

I did not get accepted into Teach For America, i did not take it as bad as i thought i would have.  I believe this is because i had such a phenomenal support system! I also posted some screenshots of the encouraging words i received.  I also realized that in order to really overcome some things you must address them!  This is exactly what i did, instead of being embarrassed about not getting the position, i told people that i did not get the position.  I stated that it was still the best interview that i ever attended!  These key things are striving through the minor setback, so that i may receive what God really has in store for me!

Although i did not receive that particular position, i have been receiving endless emails on other opportunities! So just like the champ i am, guess what i am doing?  Applying to some of those jobs as well!  It’s not over, God has a plan for my life.


As of right now, i have only 41 days till i walk across that stage!  i have some serious things to accomplish in that little amount of time! My life is about to change, and i want whatever the Lord has for me.  Not only do I state this because i have no idea of what my next step will be, but i trust God will everything i have.  I know he will not leave me behind!

Things To Do Up Until Graduation:

Get this Community Service

Apply to More Jobs (God will make a way, I have Faith!!)

Do exit Loan Survey

I got this no matter how stressful it may be!!! Thanks to God in advance!

Well that was my update on life! Talk to you soon! I promise to update more!


Spring Break 2014

Well hello there.
Finally a time that I have been waiting for a break from Durham, NCCU, and everything associated with that particular area!
My original plan:
Drive to Indianapolis from Durham
Come back
What I’m actually doing:
I came to baltimore to see my honeybun.
His parents booked me a flight so I wouldn’t have to drive.
That’s what great boyfriend parents do.
Real love: not only do I love him, but I love his family as well!! 😘😘😘
Welp, I’m out with his mom now.


I’ve always been a firm believer of spending my time wisely. I’m the type of woman who loves your time. Forget your gifts. Give me your time. Time is extremely precious, and if you’re willing to give that to me…then I know you mean business.

Now I know every person may have a hobby or something they love to do, but if you have a companion…balance. There needs to be a balance, a common place, something where the other person is not feeling as if they are forgotten.

Welp, many will say well “maybe you should find something you love to do?” True, but what if they LOVE talking to you…what if they just wanna have a decent conversation that will help to stimulate their mind.

Sometimes all a woman wants is your time! Stimulate her mind, instead of trying to get the behind!

So, what are you doing with your time? Are you giving your companion enough of your time? Or do they feel unappreciated or forgotten?

*remember if your companion isn’t getting what they need from you…they may go searching for what they need or it may find them!

Just a little late night thinking 😘


These past couple of days have been very hectic.  It is more than obvious that the devil is trying to steal my joy! I have been more than bubbly these past couple of weeks.  The Lord has been blessing me day in and day out!  He has opened several doors for me, there is no doubt about it that i am BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVORED!!! Although things may be trying to weigh me down, i am determined to come out a winner.   No life isn’t perfect, and it never will be BUT i will always do my part in making it the best that it can be! God has been to good to me, for me to just ponder on the negatives.  I will rejoice in the Lord with all of my heart, and put my faith in him!

I’ve learned to speak over myself. And the results have been phenomenal!!! Welp!! i was just checking in!