[UP]date on LIFE!

So, I’ve decided to take a journey on this thing called blogging.  Its a pretty dope concept if you ask me.  I already keep a journal, so WHY NOT? Who knows what I will ever write about, but hey it’s a start.

But hey: Here’s a little about Me…

I’m Kay Peeps..that’s what you will refer to me as.

I’m 21 years of age and i’m an English major who doesn’t know exactly what i am going to do with my life in 3 months.  I haven’t applied to grad school. NOPE. But, i’m no dummy, i have applied to this thing called TEACH FOR AMERICA!

Reason Being: I’m really passionate about giving back to children in low in come communities, and i would like to educate them and show them that I am proof that it is possible. I love the kids.  I have always surrounded myself with children from volunteering up to my paying jobs.  I mean i just love it. But, i can not see myself doing it for the rest of my life. ehh. i’m confused.

Anywho. I just want to be successful as Drake says, and i’m determine to do so.  I refuse to be another statistic or bum sitting around relying on the government.  Besides that’s not my style.

I’m still searching for my passion…

I pray that God shows me a sign soon. Oh yea, and my relationship with God is getting stronger everyday!

I know it seems as if im just babbling, but that what i do sometimes… until i get my thoughts together.


Until next time…



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